Status of Beetle Flight 2014

This area is experiencing a warmer and wetter Spring than last year. Warmer means that you may have to put your Verbenone pouches out a week or two earlier than last year. Mid June is probably a good target for altitudes of 8,000+ ft. Wetter is good news (not only for fires). Trees with adequate water can fight the beetle attacks better because they can loose more sticky sap to trap the female beetles before they bore into the tree.

Cutting/Removal of Pine Beetle Infested Trees

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Disposal of Pine Beetle Infested Trees and Logs

Air Curtain Burners turn pine beetle infested trees into ash: Estes Park has installed an air curtain burner located at 666 Elm Road. As of Aug 1, 2008, the burner accepts only infested trees from 8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. Mon-Friday. They are accepting trees from all citizens of the Estes Valley, not just citizens of Estes Park proper.

The burner turns tons and tons of material into ash that the city will utilize to mix with salt for winter ice-melting (reduces the salt necessary for that job and turns our misfortunes into a recyclable benefit).

Sort Yard

A wood burner and drop-off/forest pick-up station is also burning "hot" wood on land owned by Charles & Grace Page at 8107 Hwy 70 (near the HbarH ranch on Hwy 7 South of Estes.) 2014 schedule is 9am to 5pm Wed through Saturday.

The burner area is surrounded by pine beeltle traps, which the attendants and forest personnel check regularly to see when the pine and ips beetles begin to fly. You can stop by the burner and talk to the attendants to find out of they have trapped any to date.

Read more about it HERE

Forest Mitigation/ Preventative Thinning of Trees

Call Reed Logging & Tree Service. Very honest and reliable. Chris Reed can save you money because of his fast logging, bucking, and removal techniques.
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Mountain Pine Beetle Solutions

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2014: New Mexico and Montana engaged in a furious battle with THE BEETLE!

Pine beetles are making their presence known in these two states in a big way this year. Both states experienced a huge uptick in infestation starting last year that continues through this season.

Montana added Missoula, Kalispell, and Billings to the list of hard-hit areas. And the beetles continue to move.

Two years ago, Montana was caught off guard and the flight season lasted longer than anticipated. Most protection ran out before the beetles quit flying. That added to the areas that became infested.

The worst news about New Mexico is that the Beetle is already flying in 2014 season. New Mexico will experience a double flight season due to its lower latitude.

The New Mexico Forest Service is recommending treating twice this season:
Once immediately, and again in August to keep protection going through November and snow season. (No matter which brand of Verbenone packets you choose, treating twice in New Mexico is necessary.)

Colorado has seemed quieter this season. Maybe because many of the susceptible trees are already dead - particularly on the Western Slope of the Rockies. However, the foothills city of Ft. Collins is spraying tons of Carbaryl pesticide (regardless of its impact on the population and wildlife) in an effort to contain severe beetle outbreaks in the nearby mountain areas (near Red Feather?). They are also anticipating a large Ash bore problem.

To keep poisons to a minimum, it is necessary for you to continue to stand guard against the beetles so that cities like Ft Collins can feel secure enough to treat with fewer toxic chemicals.